[Podcast] Safety Trouble: Tech interventions for women’s safety

Rohini Lakshané‎ (Director, Emerging Research, The Bachchao Project) spoke with Srinivas Kodali (Interdisciplinary researcher) on an episode of Cyber Democracy about the efficacy of technological interventions for public safety. Rohini spoke about CCTVs, mobile phone apps, mobile device-based panic buttons, and the preliminary research report “Evaluating Safety Buttons on Mobile Devices (2017)“, jointly published by the Centre for Internet and Society and The Bachchao Project.


Episode 3 – Safety Trouble

Evaluating Safety Buttons on Mobile Devices

By Chinmayi S K and Rohini Lakshané

We are releasing one of the datasets from a research project conducted jointly by the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), India and The Bachchao Project in 2016-17.

This dataset of the different permissions sought by selected “safety applications” available on the Google Play store in India was compiled as a part of the “Evaluating Safety Buttons on Mobile Devices” project in November 2016. A preliminary report on the findings was released at RightsCon in Brussels in 2017:


Blog post corresponding to the release of the report: https://cis-india.org/raw/evaluating-safety-buttons-on-mobile-devices-preview

The dataset has been released under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license. All uses of the accompanying data or parts thereof must contain the following attribution: “Data provided by Rohini Lakshané and Chinmayi S K (2018)”. To request a waiver, email the authors: theteam@thebachchaoproject.org. Data are provided AS-IS, without warranty as to accuracy or completeness.

ODS format: Google_Play_Safety_app_permissions_Dataset_June_2018_CIS_The_Bachchao_Project

XLSX format: Google_Play_Safety_app_permissions_Dataset_June_2018_CIS_The_Bachchao_Project