Firefox OS HackDay

Date :  7th February 2015

Time  : 0900 – 1800 Hrs

Venue : Mozilla Community Space Bangalore


Thrilled to announce that The Bachchao Project  in association with Mozilla India  is hosting a hack day . On this day  a group of application developer from “The Bachchao Project ”  and “Mozilla India will get together to work on the following :

1. bachchao – Bachao is a mobile app for personal security especially designed for women.
Bachao can be used to keep trusted friends informed of your location when traveling to a new city or staying out late.Apart from this Bachao is created to help mitigate the danger in various situations.Bachao provides two main services in the event of a crime:

It sends an alarm via SMS to one or more trusted friends
It records a video which can serve as a digital witness when no live witnesses are around. The message that your friends receive includes location information to help them get possible help for you.

2. i-rode – The i-rode application is designed to share and store the public transit by an individual. It is designed to help make decisions about boarding a particular transit based on the ratings of fellow travelers.Every time a traveler rates his/her journey it is stored by the app (In doing so, we tried our best to not store and share the personal information) and the transit is shared to the support group of the traveler. The ratings stored are then used to send information the next time one decides to take the public transport vehicle.

3. safemaps – Safemaps is safety based heat map dynamically created from various data sources. The App will be used to display this heat map and also act as a interface for crowd sourcing information.

During the Hack Day you’ll be helping code & port apps of The Bachchao Project to Firefox OS Marketplace.

Plus, brainstorm on more ideas, real world challenges and help build them for a positive impact.

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