Research Reports

Small Needs Assessment for LGBTQIA+ communities in India on Digital Security

Building Safer Communities: Small Needs Assessment for LGBTQIA+ communities in India. Vasundhra Kaul, February 2023.

Study on online civic space and the issues of organising online for marginalised women.

Without Fear ? Exploring online civic space participation by marginalised women in India . Ayesha Minhaz and Srujana Bej, June 2022

Usability Study of Tails in India

Tailormade? A study on usability of Tails in India. Chinmayi S K and Vasundhra Kaul. December 2021.

Analysis of URLs whitelisted for Internet access in Jammu and Kashmir, January 2020
Even the 301 whitelisted sites in Jammu and Kashmir are not entirely accessible: An analysis. Rohini Lakshané and Prateek Waghre. 28 January 2020. (Collaborative study by The Bachchao Project and The Takshashila Institution)

Exploratory study from the lens of gender, ethnicity and access to ICTs in Manipur
Of Sieges and Shutdowns: How unreliable mobile networks and intentional Internet shutdowns affect the lives of women in Manipur. Chinmayi S K and Rohini Lakshané. First published: May 2018. Last updated: December 2018.

Action research project on mapping street harassment in Goa
Women and the streets of Goa. [PDF] Chinmayi S K and Tania Deviah. 2018.

Preliminary research report on safety buttons
Evaluating safety buttons on mobile devices. Rohini Lakshané and Chinmayi S K. March 2017. (Collaborative study by the Centre for Internet and Society and The Bachchao Project.)


Let There Be Internet. M, July 2023. A Mural on internet shutdowns and women.

A Wall Without Fear. M, July 2023. A animation video based on Without Fear Work.


Reference manual
Building technology for diversity and inclusion 101. (v. 1.3). Chinmayi S K, Rohini Lakshané, Willow Brugh and Esther Ngei. First published: March 2017. Last updated: July 2018.

Data visualisation for social good. [PDF] Chinmayi S K. 2016