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Northeast is one of least talked about regions of India. Most of India and world is unaware of issues here. Hence we are holding a few sessions and workshops which aim at increasing the tech and social media literacy of the local population along with the gender sensitivity. Through this campaign we wish to create more deeper actions which we can share with larger audience in future

Here are more details of what we are going to be doing :

Dates : 20th  Jan 2016

Venue : Guwahati , Assam 


Sexuality and gender education

These will be small sessions conducted to talk to introduce the concepts of gender and sexuality

Program Format : Day long event with fun interactions , discussions and games

Intended Audience :  Middle School and High School Kids  


Dates : 18th and 19th  Jan 2016

Venue : Guwahati , Assam 


Social media and secure practises for empowerment

This will be an intensive training for activist and women on how to use social media to talk about various things and leverage its potential.  This will also provide secure practices  training for activists and women online.

Program Format :  Talks + Workshops

Intended Audience : Gender Activists + young voices from the community


If you want to be a part of this event feel to contact us on or Call us on +917399470616