Our Values

Collaborative facilitation and allyship: We enable the communities and entities we work with to adopt and scale up solutions and interventions, technological or otherwise, that we create with and for them. We do not fight their battles for them. Our efforts are guided by the aims of long-term sustainability and encouraging independent thought among our target groups.

Equality and justice: We are a feminist organisation and a collective. We believe in propagating the ideas of equality, equity and justice.

Ethical labour practices: We do not promote the invisibilization of labour — be it physical, intellectual, or emotional. We support fair pay for all.

Good stewardship: We do not appropriate or seek precedence over the voices of the marginalised/ at-risk communities we engage with. We are committed to acting as good stewards in the communities and domain(s) we operate in. We follow ethical practices in the research we conduct, and in the use and adoption of technological interventions for improving the lives of communities. In the course of our work, we are vigilant about harm, inadvertent or otherwise, that irresponsible deployment or introduction of interventions may cause, especially among vulnerable demographics.

Inclusivity: Diversity and inclusion are two of the cornerstones of our activism and an indispensable part of our organisational culture. The principles of diversity and inclusion find a presence in all our goals, aims, practices and activities. We explicitly honour diversity in age, gender identity and expression, culture, race, ethnicity, caste, religion, language, national origin, place of origin, political beliefs, profession, sexual identity and orientation, physical appearance, body size, body type, socio-economic status, dietary preferences, dis/ability, technical ability and preferred free culture license. We do not practise or condone adverse discrimination based on these characteristics.

Integrity: We strive to maintain absolute honesty and integrity, financially and ethically, and in our actions, speech and interactions. We strive to remain transparent to the extent possible in our transactions and outputs, without prejudice to existing rules and agreements pertaining to the security and privacy of our employees, members of the collective, partner organisations, collaborators, volunteers, and the communities we engage with.

Openness: We support, practise and encourage openness in all our work. We prefer to use free, libre and open source software (FLOSS) over closed and proprietary software. We cherish the values of digital open culture. In view of the fact that we work with at-risk individuals and communities, we strive to achieve a balance between openness and the needs of our members, employees, collaborators and volunteers in terms of their safety, security and privacy.

Subsidiarity: We practise subsidiarity in all our efforts, projects and interventions, subject to the organisation’s internal system of checks and balances. One of the cornerstones of our activism is that members of TBP assume ownership of the efforts, projects and interventions they initiate, and remain accountable for these activities.