Current Team

Chinmayi S K

Member and Founder

Chinmayi is the founder of The Bachchao Project. She has a degree in computer science and has spent over a decade in technology for good and open technology communities.

Chinmayi previously worked as an engineer with Nokia and founded Saakshin, a software services start-up in Bengaluru, India. She now spends her time supporting the technology, research and community building needs of Indian and International non-profits. She has experience in building technology interventions, interdisciplinary research, designing training modules, growing and supporting open communities, designing and hosting events and fundraising. Her interests lie in open technologies, diversity and inclusion, community health, ethics and digital rights. Conducting interdisciplinary feminist research and creating spaces for dialogues is something she enjoys a lot.

Tania Devaiah


Tania is an researcher with a passion for working on issues that arise in the intersection of human rights, environmental governance and resource rights, gender and digital rights.

Vasundhra Kaul

Member, Researcher and Trainer

Vasundhra is interested in exploring ways the law interacts with vulnerable communities— including incarcerated persons, queer and LGBTQIA+ individuals and groups, and religious minorities. They have a BALLB degree from Delhi, and see the law as one tool of social change.

  • v [@] thebachchaoproject [dot] org

Srujana Bej

Member, Researcher

Srujana Bej is a lawyer and human rights researcher. She has worked on research and advocacy projects concerning the right to food, public education and caste-based oppression in the criminal justice system. She has previously worked at the Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project and the Centre for Law and Policy Research. Her other interests lie in graphic designing for social justice and thinking about spatial justice.
  • Email : srujana[at]thebachchaoproject[dot]org
  • Twitter : @srujana_bej

Mayuri Dhumal

Collaborator ( 15th July 2023- present)

Community Co-ordinator ( 30 Nov 2022- 15th July 2023)

Mayuri Dhumal is a writer and gender activist. She works on gender sensitization with communities through Action Research. She is keen to bring knowledge of language, gender, caste, and ethnicity from the margins to the mainstream. She is a Marathi gender and sexuality educator with a Masters in Literature from Mumbai University. She is techno savy and wants to work for making tech inclusive and participatory.
  • e-mail: mayuri[at]thebachchaoproject[dot]org
  • Instagram: @marathisimone


Campus Ambassadors Co-ordinator

Architect currently pursuing Master’s in Urban Design at Goa College of Architecture, with nine years of experience working within architectural and construction industry, alongside a brief stint in teaching. Following her heart to be of service to society at large, she has stepped into Urban design, a field that connects architecture and people. She hopes to explore the interface between people, their built environment and everything in between

  • e-mail: winti[at]thebachchaoproject[dot]org


Graphics Designer

Madhuvanti is a Post-Graduate from National Institute of Design, specialising in Film and Video Communication. Prior to this, they also have a Bachelors in Fine Arts, specialising in Visual Communication from College of Art, New Delhi.
They chiefly grew up in New Delhi, which among other things provided exposure to an array of cultures & languages. They constantly strive to unlearn and re-learn from people, places, and things around them.

  • Instagram:  @madumakhi