The i-rode application helps passengers using shared transportation services to rate their experience and share reports of trouble. Though public transport, as distinct from modes such as taxicab, car pooling or hired buses, and auto rikshasis, has been traditionally considered safe, a few incidents in the recent past have tarnished their image.

The i-rode application helps riders make decisions about boarding a particular transit, showing them recent ratings by other travelers.

Every time a traveler rates his or her journey it is stored by the i-rode app and those anonymous reviews are available the next time another i-rode user is considering taking that public transport vehicle. I-rode is very careful to protect the identity of our reviewers.

I-rode also incorporates tools for travelers to share their experiences or report incidents.

Contributors: Chinmayi S K, Ashwin Murali, Gurupriy Inamdar Margot Brenan

Irode is open source application and the code to the android application and the server is available here