Media Mentions

Staffers, volunteers, community members and initiatives of The Bachchao Project mentioned in the media

J&K Police Looks To Nab Kashmiris Who Used VPN To Dodge Internet Ban; Inc42; Rawat, Aman; 19 February 2020.

Internet shutdowns – its legal and commercial dimensions in Kashmir; ETV Bharat; Grover, Gurshabad; 10 February 2020. (The article has been translated into Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Odia and Urdu.)

Here’s Why Even Whitelisted Websites Are Not Working In J&K; Inc42; Rawat, Aman; 8 February 2020.

Tech analysts find loopholes in JK’s Internet whitelist; The Tribune; 7 February 2020.

[Podcast] Ep. 250: The Dark Side Of The Kashmir Whitelist; All Things Policy; Kanisetti, Anirudh; 29 January 2020.

Majority of the government’s ‘whitelist’ sites for Kashmiris unusable!; Free Speech Collective; 28 January 2020.

Kashmir still cut off despite government claims; Asia Times; Datta, Saikat; 27 January 2020.

After nearly 6 months, Kashmir’s internet opens up – but only to 300 sites; The Next Web; Mehta, Ivan; 27 January 2020.

As Internet blackouts hit India, business and tech wrestle with the fallout; Coda Story; Cockerell, Isobel; 24 December 2019.

[Podcast] Rohini Lakshané on Internet shutdowns; Institute of Human Rights and Business; Tripathi, Salil; 14 December 2019.

[Podcast] Safety Trouble: Tech interventions for women’s safety; Suno India; Kodali, Srinivas; 8 December 2019.

Communication Blackout in Kashmir Truly A Digital Siege, Says Former Stanford University Scholar; Caravan Daily; Zafar Aafaq; 7 October 2019.

Use dating apps, but don’t lower your guard, experts warn women; The New Indian Express; Pawar, Jayanthi; 9 June 2019.

TN police to have station-level WhatsApp groups, will this not violate laws?; The News Minute; Rao Manasa; 17 January 2019.

India ‘snooping’ order leaves citizens exposed to surveillance; Deutsche Welle; Gopalakrishnan, Manasi; 17 January 2019.

Internet freedom is a basic human rightEngageMedia; 11 December 2018.

Community Voices: The Bachchao Project fights for gender rights online; Access Now Gladstone, Nikki; 28 August 2018.

Data of nearly 8 lakh Chennai students stolen, three arrested; The News Minute; Rao, Manasa; 30 July 2018.

‘Als het ontwerp van tech ongelijk gebeurt, dan zorgt die tech voor nog meer ongelijkheid’; Mondiaal Nieuws; Cassauwers, Tom; 23 July 2018. [Dutch]

Thoothukudi tragedy: The cost of internet shutdowns; The News Minute; Rao, Manasa; 29 May 2018.

Thoothukudi tragedy: The cost of internet shutdowns; Republished in The Quint; Rao, Manasa; 29 May 2018.

3 Tamil Nadu districts shut both broadband and mobile internet down; Medianama; Deep, Aroon; 25 May 2018.

Reality for women in public spaces; Herald; Miranda, Karsten; 2 May 2018.

Facebook removes Bengaluru man’s critical post on ‘Padmaavat’ for ‘copyright’ reasons; The News Minute; Ram, Theja; 5 February 2018.

Technology for All? There’s a Manual for That; The Life of Science; Jayaraj, Nandita; 7 November 2017.

Safety apps do not guarantee refuge in troubled times: Study; The Times of India; Raj, Arpita; 1 June 2017.

Research sobre aplicaciones de seguridad para mujeres en la India; Torres Burriel Estudio; Artigas, Samuel Gimeno; 30 March 2017 [Spanish/ Español].

Women in Goa join forces to stand up for their safety ; Navhind Times; 25 January 2017.

An ‘app’ening world; Deccan Herald; Vasudev, Chetana Divya; 4 October 2016.

‘Hacker Girls’ team win hackathon to combat gender-based violence; Deccan Chronicle; 27 January 2016.

Hackathon on gender violence begins; The Times of India; 25 January 2016.

Hackathon to combat gender-based violence in Ranchi; UNI; 24 January 2016.

Tech Street: Five Mobile Apps For Women’s Safety So You Have Help At Hand, Always; Mumbai Mag; Ramanandan, Parvathi; 15 January 2014.

More apps click to women’s rescue; The Times of India; Phadnis, Shilpa; Tejaswi, Mini Joseph; 15 January 2013.

For once, a hackathon minus the gender skew; The Hindu; Kurup, Deepa; 15 November 2013.

Grace Hopper India hosts ‘Hackathon for Women’; Financial Express; 14 November 2013.

India’s ‘hackathon for women’ tries to solve issues with technology; Tech In Asia; Maru, Pankaj; 14 November 2013.

“Hackathon for Women” explores technology based solutions for humanitarian problems; CIOL; 13 November 2013.

Now an android app to help you stay safe; Hindustan Times; Mahale, Sneha; 2 September 2013.

Now a free mobile app to ‘bachao’ women; Rediff; Tiwari, Nishi; 27 August 2013.

Bangalore RHoK creates 8 apps for better world; Simple Tech Life; Praveen; 29 June 2013 [Archived].

Random Hacks of Kindness – Building Technology Solutions For A Better World; The Better India; Parekh, Anuradha; 31 January 2013.

Bachchao: A mobile call for help; Geeks Without Bounds; 27 December 2012.

Women crack code at this hackathon; The Times of India; K.J., Shashidhar; 13 December 2012.