Current Team

Chinmayi S K


Chinmayi is the founder of The Bachchao Project. She has a degree in computer science and has spent over a decade in technology for good and open technology communities.

Chinmayi previously worked as an engineer with Nokia and founded Saakshin, a software services start-up in Bengaluru, India. She now spends her time supporting the technology, research and community building needs of Indian and International non-profits. She has experience in building technology interventions, interdisciplinary research, designing training modules, growing and supporting open communities, designing and hosting events and fundraising. Her interests lie in open technologies, diversity and inclusion, community health, ethics and digital rights. Conducting interdisciplinary feminist research and creating spaces for dialogues is something she enjoys a lot.

Rohini Lakshané

Director (Emerging Research), from October 2017 to March 2021.

Public Policy Consultant, from April 2021 to present.

Rohini is an engineer by training, a long-time Wikimedian, and a public policy researcher. She handles research and policy programs at The Bachchao Project.

Rohini has worked on several research and advocacy projects on the intersection of technology, policy, and civil liberties. Her body of work encompasses diverse territories such as the application of technology and policy to solve issues of gender inequity, violence and discrimination; access to knowledge; openness; patent reform; making tech spaces diverse and inclusive; and the cross-hairs of gender, sexuality and the Internet. She regularly speaks at regional, national and international events on these topics.

In 2014 and 2015, Rohini served on the jury of The Best of Blogs, an international award honouring excellence in online activism, instituted by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. For her research, she was profiled in the 2019 book “31 Fantastic Adventures in Science: Women Scientists in India”. A longform article authored by her entitled “The trouble with being a woman in FOSS” was a part of the “Deep Dives — Sexing the Interwebs” series which won the Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity – Web (Best Special Edition) category in 2017. In a previous avatar, she worked as a technology journalist and editor in the print and web domains, ferreting out stories on human interest and online civil liberties.

Tania Devaiah

Projects Lead, Goa – research, advocacy and social action

Tania is an activist and campaigner with a passion for working on issues that arise in the intersect of human rights, environment, resource use, gender and conservation. With a Master’s degree in Social Work (TISS), she has spent the last decade working on issues ranging from anti human trafficking, public education and health care, community media as a tool for social change, running and winning campaigns on environmental and gender rights issues to name a few. She has worked with Prerna Anti Trafficking Center, Biocon Foundation, Video Volunteers and Currently, she is focused on community centric, innovative organizing as a tool for social change and aims to use her skills to support social movements.

Premita Singha

Projects Lead, North East, India

Premita is an activist and pioneer in mobile campaigning with a decade of experience in using mobile phone for social change. She is passionate about climate change, gender equality and governance. She believes in using mobile devices to empower masses digitally and using their collective voice to bring change. One of the founding members of Mobile campaigning division in Greenpeace India and Amnesty India. She has a Bachelors degree in Political Science and currently pursuing LLB (Criminology) from Guwahati University.

Mythri Prabhakar

Program Officer (Public Policy), from November 2020 to present

Volunteer, from August 2020 to October 2020

Mythri is a human rights lawyer by training. Her primary areas of professional interest are feminist jurisprudence and harm reduction. She previously worked in Tanzania, where she researched legal responses to inter-personal patriarchal violence in Dar Es Salaam. Along with legal research, her interests lie in writing speculative fiction and performing street theatre. Her art is often collaborative and community-engaged.

  • mythri [@] thebachchaoproject [dot] org

Vasundhra Kaul

Researcher and Trainer

Vasundhra is interested in exploring ways the law interacts with vulnerable communities— including incarcerated persons, queer and LGBTQIA+ individuals and groups, and religious minorities. They have a BALLB degree from Delhi, and see the law as one tool of social change.

  • vasundhra [@] thebachchaoproject [dot] org