Carolina Botero

Carolina is the CEO of the Colombian digital rights organization Karisma Foundation. She works in the defence of human rights in technology environments, following debates on freedom of expression, privacy, access to knowledge and culture, social innovation and ICT in technology. Carolina strongly supports citizen participation through research as a key democratic value. She frequently writes Opeds in two Colombian media, El Espectador and La Silla Vacía.

Willow Brugh

Willow Brugh, known as willowbl00, works with digital tools to enable coordination between groups of all sizes and shapes. They have studied citizen engagement and combining distributed and centralized decision making structures at the Center for Civic Media at MIT’s Media Lab, been a Professor of Practice at Brown University, an affiliate at the New England Complex Systems Institute, and a fellow at Harvard Law’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. They currently do operations and internal people systems at govtech consultancy Truss.
In brief, Willow looks at connections, systems, empowerment, and powerlessness and strives to both understand and improve whatever they find. Sometimes that’s with the Occupy Sandy Movement, sometimes it’s with the National Defense University. They have keynoted the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. Willow has successfully worked with FEMA Field Innovation Team for Hurricane Sandy, and was awarded at a ceremony at the White House for their contribution.