[Profile] 31 Fantastic adventures in science – Women scientists of India

Rohini Lakshané, Director (Emerging Research) at The Bachchao Project has been featured in a book entitled “31 Fantastic adventures in science – Women scientists of India” authored by Nandita Jayaraj and Aashima Friedog. The book was released in August 2019.

Front cover of the book "31 Fantastic adventures in science"

From the cover:

We don’t see them on TV, in textbooks or in newspapers, and most of us can’t name a single one. But there are thousands of women scientists in India, who perform experiments in laboratories, peer through powerful telescopes and camp out in harsh and extreme conditions.

This unique book presents the stories of thirty-one of these trailblazing women who work in a diverse array of fields, from environmental biotechnology to particle physics, palaeobiology to astrophysics. Through their research, they uncover the mysteries of the universe, find more sustainable ways of living, cure life-threatening diseases and study animals and plants that are long gone.

Find out what drew them to science, read about how they deal with the difficulties and pressures of their work, and learn how they push the boundaries of human knowledge further and further every day.

Listing on Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/31-Fantastic-Adventures-Science-Scientists/dp/0143445685

The Bachchao Project is a techno-feminist collective that undertakes community-centric efforts to develop and support open source technologies and technical frameworks with the goals of mitigating gender-based violence and working towards equal rights for women, LGBTQIA people, and gender non-conforming groups. We conduct research and advocacy in all the above areas and guide communities in determining appropriate technological interventions for themselves.

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