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Evaluating Safety Buttons on Mobile Devices

By Chinmayi S K and Rohini Lakshané We are releasing one of the datasets from a research project conducted jointly by the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) and The Bachchao Project in 2016-17. This dataset about the different permissions

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Research Methodology: Of Sieges and Shutdowns

‘How unreliable mobile networks and intentional Internet shutdowns affect the lives and livelihoods of women in Manipur.’ The research methodology adopted for this exploratory study has been delineated here. This is a living document. The final report with our findings has been published.

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Literature Survey: Of Sieges and Shutdowns

First published: May 18, 2018 Last updated: June 14, 2018 This literature survey identifies published research that is relevant to the study of (a) How women in vulnerable and/ or marginalised populations use the mobile phone and the Internet in

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